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Shiloh Restored is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our vision is to rescue at-risk baby girls from female infanticide and feticide, to restore faith in God and one's self and to renew hope. Shiloh Restored will accomplish this by taking the following three-pronged approach:

rescue from female infanticide and feticide

Female infanticide is the killing of a baby girl, just minutes or days after birth. Feticide is the killing of a fetus (sex selective feticide is increasing in India). Many do not see value in raising a girl - girls financially drain the family while boys bring increased resources and continue the family name. Harsh as it may sound, girls are seen as a liability while boys are viewed as an asset. The dowry system is a major contributor to the increase in female infanticide and feticide. A dowry was to simply be a gift given by the bride's family [to the groom]; in hopes that the groom's family would take good care of the bride.

In 1961, a law was passed [in India] forbidding families to demand a dowry; sadly, a dowry is still requested [sometimes demanded] as a prerequisite to the wedding. The sometimes unreasonable demands place a heavy burden on the bride's family. According to the National Crimes Record Bureau, in 2008 there were over 8,000 recorded dowry deaths, in India. The dowry system is practiced among rich and poor alike (regardless of religion).

Shiloh Restored will continue to work with local midwives, hospitals and other social service agencies to rescue as many baby girls as possible.

restore faith in God and self

Our desire is to see each girl in our care empowered to be self sufficient. To that end, we take a holistic approach — caring for physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. We believe a good education [in an English-medium school] coupled with individual and group counseling, and preparation for education beyond high school will be important for the success of these girls.

renew hope

Each life is of great value! We intend to promote a sense of equality and self worth [regardless of gender, race, creed, religion or caste].

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Shiloh Restored is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.