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Female infanticide is the horrible practice of killing a baby girl, just minutes or days after birth. Although illegal (abolished on paper); it is still practiced in many parts of our world today. Shiloh Restored is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescue baby girls from female infanticide and feticide; restore faith in God and one's self; renew hope and health (by ensuring proper physical and emotional care of each rescued baby girl). The name Shiloh Restored seemed fitting because the word Shiloh has its origin in Hebrew and means 'God's gift' (Shiloh) Restored.


Niji Stanley is currently an Internal Auditor and the creative genius behind Niji Stanley Photography. Niji is a loyal husband, trusted mentor and an unofficial dog-trainer! He has a passion for photography, teaching and music. He plays a variety of hand drums: tabla, dohl, dholak, djembe and dumbeck – just to name a few!

He also loves children and has the God-given ability of leaving a deep impression of peace and joy on young hearts.

Lali Jean Stanley is currently the Business Development Director for Niji Stanley Photography. Lali has grown up in two cultures, so she has a love for languages, cultures and people. She also enjoys singing, speaking and photography.

It has been evident since childhood that her heart beats for justice ~ she has a sister who is autistic which helped cultivate the desire to be a voice for the voiceless. She has volunteered at local nursing homes, at centers for individuals with special needs, at English training seminars for refugees in the United States. She has also worked alongside non-profit organizations in awareness efforts for autism and human rights as well as awareness/rescue efforts for human trafficking victims.

The Visionary Couple: Lali & Niji Stanley

Lali and Niji Stanley became best friends in their first year of college. Fast forward eight years and Niji asked Lali to take his last name! They are still best friends, love each other fiercely and remain in awe of how God brought them together and continues to bless and expand their territory.

In the first year of their marriage, they began Niji Stanley Photography. From the start, it was clear that the purpose of the business was to help their neighbors across the street and around the world. Since its inception, Niji Stanley Photography has contributed to various local and international charities.

In 2007, Lali and Niji Stanley learned that female infanticide was still being practiced in many areas of our world; they knew immediately that they had to be a part of the solution. In Spring of 2010 (after three years of research and annual overseas trips), they established Shiloh Restored.

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